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Academic committee of CAFUC( Civil Aviation Flight University of China) is the highest organ of academic advice, discussion, examination and evaluation, mainly responsible for the following tasks: the plan of subject, major and scientific research, the evaluation of teaching work and scientific research achievements.

Academic committee of CAFUC has 1 director, 2 deputy director and several secretaries, which is made up of 23 to 29 persons. Academic committee carries on 3 years of each term of office and permits to serve consecutively. In order to ensure the work of academic committee consecutive, at least one third committee members remain and are changed during reorganizing academic committee.

Director of academic committee is president of CAFUC. Deputy directors, secretaries and committee members, nominated by president of CAFUC, are employed by CAFUC. Academic committee is set up in accordance with the principle of academic freedom and features of CAFUC. The university can put forward appointing committee member.

Academic committee holds fixed general meetings every year and decided on important things by ballot.

Academic committee of CAFUC has 3 branches: committee of management of subject and major, committee of natural science, committee of social science, which deal with the related questions.